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AlcheME is a monthly program designed to help you discover and navigate personal alcheME for your soul.

The awakening process has many layers to it and can be exciting and frightening all at once. As you begin to question your current reality (job, relationship, happiness, awareness beyond 3D), you are embarking on the internal journey of the soul.

As Osho Rajneesh once said, "Awareness is the greatest alchemy there is." And because you are choosing to expand your awareness, nothing will ever be the same again.


Throughout my own journey within, I have realized over the years the importance of becoming the witness to my life. You become the witness once you allow yourself to enter the space between the polarities where mind and body are briefly suspended, and conscious awareness is all there is. Through this expanded awareness, you are now allowed to perceive your life from an aerial view without judgment. This creates opportunities for you to receive unimaginable insights and solutions for greater growth.

But what is evidently more important with this awareness is having a support system to hold you up when reality gets really dark. Because in order for you to meet your greatness, you must face your shadows.


Self-alchemy is not an easy road to navigate. Instead of suppressing old feelings and past traumas, you are diving deep into the abyss of your pain. You are pulling out all of the weeds. And in order for your work to be effective, you must get the entire root. This is a process that no one can do for you, but having someone to lean on who understands your process is paramount to success.

We are all bright lights, but even the best of us can get caught in a storm of self-defeat. And if the storm persists long enough, it can extinguish the light you use to illuminate your path forward. Having others around you to pick you up, hold your hand, and reflect their own light back to you can be the difference between continuing to forge forward and giving up.

This is why I have created AlcheME.


The AlcheME program is designed to enhance your own self alchemical process by transforming your relationship with your ego (lead) and your higher self (gold). Self-transformation happens when you integrate the higher self, the all-knowing part of you, into your being. Through this newly expanded awareness, you are now handing over the reins of your life to the higher self so that the ego is now only a passenger. Once this happens, you are in a position for AlcheME. Manifesting the life you want to create becomes your super-power and possibilities are infinite.

Joining AlcheME will give you access to a monthly subscription program designed to support you through your own journey of self-alchemy.


  • Guidance through a monthly series of energy updates and planetary influences that are supporting your soul’s evolution and path of ascension.
  • Access to mini-coaching opportunities with me in a group setting.
  • Live call QnA that encourages and engages your own internal wisdom to be shared
  • Receiving monthly guided meditations for expanded vision quests, healing, and activations.
  • Creating connections with others who support your frequency.
  • Awakening your Inner Child to find your eternal joy.
  • A safe & non-judgmental community to ask questions, share experiences, and explore your own intuitive abilities.
  • Monthly general tarot readings specific to the AlcheME community.
  • Access to all monthly archived calls, meditations and readings.
  • Access to the private Facebook group, AlcheME, to expand and foster your connection with like-minded individuals.


My hope and vision is that you believe in yourself and abilities enough to become the great teacher you are meant to be in this world. Many are seeking you out already, but they can’t find you until you are ready to shine your light bright enough for them to SEE YOU. You need to turn the volume way up on your work and have the confidence to believe in yourself, so that others can believe in you, too.

The world is on the precipice of a great awakening. As people wake up and begin their own journey of self-awareness and alcheME, more and more teachers will be needed.


If you have made it this far, know this - your soul is ready. You are ready. You have agreed to be on the front lines of this awakening and have many gifts that are absolutely needed by many. If you want to see the world light up, you must be the one to turn your own light up first. You must model the light and face the darkness despite not knowing where you are headed. But as you mark the path for others, know that you are never alone and always have a home at AlcheME.

Be part of an eternal change that will live on in a legacy of love for all of humanity.

Unlock your infinite potential as you help create a new Earth.

Join AlcheME today and discover personal alchemy for your soul.

Your Instructor

Nicole Frolick
Nicole Frolick

Is an intuitive life coach, author, speaker, host of the Enlighten Up podcast, and the creator of her vulnerability series Raw & Real, as well as her growing community and program called AlcheME.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does AlcheME start and finish?
The program starts September 1st! Each month, new content is uploaded and past month's are archived for you to re-watch as you wish. All content will remain available to you at your leisure!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
When are the LIVE calls each month? And how do I access them?
Live calls will be hosted every 2nd Sunday of each month at 8pm EST or 5pm PST. All active members will be emailed a zoom link 24 hours before the live call starts.
What if I can't make the live call?
Don't worry, The call is recorded. You'll have access to the recording once it's uploaded and it will be archived for later referral at your leisure.

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